Our Motto: Energized by God's love

Our Vision: Sharing Jesus' love as we serve our neighbor

Our Mission: At St. Luke our Mission is to...

Live in faith where -
- we believe in Jesus Christ and know that God's grace and love in Christ are for all people
- we welcome the Holy Spirit to flow through us and be in our thoughts, words, and actions
- we read the Bible and study God's word, and we follow the teachings and example of Jesus
- we celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday

Have our church be a place where -
- we can recharge from the demands of busy lives, families, and jobs
- we can find God and fellowship when we gather
- we can be safe to explore our faith journeys, ask questions, and discuss
- we can grow in our understanding of Christianity

Promote a congregational culture where -
- we embrace being diverse and inclusive because every person is created by God
- we respect the beliefs of others and we invite discussions to share our beliefs together
- we encourage spiritual curiosity and yearning
- we nurture our youth of today, for they will become our citizens and leaders of tomorrow
- we give of ourselves and the gifts God graciously bestows on us

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