Children - Sunday School

The Children's Ministry at St. Luke Church exists to teach children about Jesus Christ and help them come to a saving knowledge of Him, to help them grow in their personal relationship with Christ, and to minister to families of these children.

We believe children are very important to God. We are dedicated to providing a ministry of excellence for them as well as their families. It is a privilege to work with these children.

For many children, it is only during Sunday School that they hear about the wonders of God and the Good News of Jesus. This is why, we at St. Luke, strive to build a balance for children in preschool through fifth grade to learn about our beliefs and the Scriptures, yet have plenty of fun.

It is our desire to communicate the love of God to children by:

• providing a safe and accepting environment where your child feels loved and valued.
• providing caring, quality teachers whose lives model the lessons they teach.
• reaching out to children in God's love, teaching them God's truths, and helping them come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
• helping children gain a Christian perspective as they work through issues they face at home, at school, and with friends.

Sunday School at St. Luke

Your kids will sing... shout... celebrate God's goodness and mighty works... revel in God's unconditional love!

Our current Sunday School Hour begins at 11:00 AM. Every five to seven weeks, we concentrate on a specific theme. Each Sunday, we begin our hour together at a general Sunday Opening Gathering where we share God's blessings for us, prayer requests, review our weekly Bible verse, learn the Books of the Bible and sing songs.

Children focus on God in their own way-and experience worship through fun songs and memorable Bible learning.

Each week the goal of the worship service is to help kids understand God with their minds, worship with their hearts, praise with their actions and live their lives for God throughout the week.

After our Opening, we split up into three classes: Pre-K, kindergarten through second grade, and third through fifth grade. In our individual classes, the children engage in a hands-on, age appropriate lesson revolving around the unit's theme which includes activities such as drama, games, and arts and crafts.

Sunday School every Sunday during the school year

Our Sunday School Hour ends at 12:00 Noon.

Sports & Activities for children after service during the summer

Throughout the year, special events with guest speakers or special service projects are interjected into the curriculum. Our Sunday School class sponsors a child in Indonesia from World Vision and is involved with Operation Christmas Child Project organized by the Franklin Graham Foundation. The children are also encouraged to bring in canned foods for Sunnyvale Community Services to share with the less fortunate in our community.

Prayer Time - Prayer is emphasized in Kids Own Worship, and each service includes time for children to pray aloud together in an echo prayer or silently.

Bible Lessons - Presented in a variety of styles including Bible story readings, story telling, video segments, and dramatizations. Lessons always include interactive discussion time.

We Love Kids!

They're everywhere!

Kids are a top priority at St. Luke - Our St. Luke Sunday School Team is committed to providing your kids the following:

• Help them understand Jesus' love for them.
• Provide support to your efforts to build your child's Godly character
• Provide programs designed to keep kids interested and wanting to come back.
• Ensure a safe and clean environment for our kids to learn.
• Teach relevant, Biblical principles that are encouraging and edifying to your child.
• Use creative approaches in teaching scriptural truths that "stick".
• Work to make your child's church experience FUN!

Give your child lots of love!

At St. Luke, we treasure the hour we have to spend together with the children each Sunday. We pray that we are setting a firm biblical foundation and instilling the love of learning about God's word in these young ones. Please come and join us this Sunday!

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